Your Signage Has Never Looked So Good

Outdoor Digital Signage

Keep your image and branding bright, fresh and up-to-date with Pylon- or Wall-mounted Full Colour Outdoor Digital LED Signage.


Indoor Digital Signage

Large or small indoor screens for retail stores, showrooms and exhibition centres.  Full Colour Indoor LED Digital Signage can be mounted from the ceiling or on a free-standing truss.  Resolutions as small as 2mm pixel width and a high refresh rate provide the perfect display for still or moving images and text, DVD playback, or live broadcast feeds.

Full Colour Indoor In-Window LED Digital Signage uses LED Media Screens with High Brightness for optimal brilliance and clarity of viewing through a window.


Portable Digital Signage

For high impact, high quality, temporary advertising at businesses and events, we hire Portable Outdoor Full Colour LED Media Screens.  For added flexibility, we also have solar powered, 5 Colour, variable message signs (VMS) suitable for traffic control, roadworks alerts and directional signage applications.




Our digital signage is based around an easy-to-use, online Content Management System (CMS) connected to High Quality, Full Colour LED Media Screens.

We have a digital signage solution for just about every type of business: corporate, retail, commercial, educational, hospitality, sports venues and events, entertainment venues, festivals, shows and exhibitions.

We have Indoor Digital LED and LCD Signs to fit every nook and cranny.  We have Outdoor Digital LED Signs where size is limited only by space, budget and the imagination.  We have Portable Digital LED Signs, which have all the features of fixed signs plus the added flexibility of being portable…perfect for high impact temporary advertising.



Movement turns heads and digital signage turns your signage or advertising space into a multimedia showcase for animations, video playback and live broadcast feeds.  Cool screen transitions draw attention to static images and graphics.  Modernise your business signage, branding and communications.



The convenience of digital signage puts you back in control of your advertising.  The web-based Content Management System communicates wirelessly with our LED Media Screens via on-board 3G modems and computers.

Prepare and control your content centrally.  Whether you have one LED Media Screen or multiple screens across several locations, remotely uploading and updating your content is a simple, efficient and economical process.  Scheduling of content display is incredibly flexible: set automatic controls for image display time, duration, repetitions, brightness, and more.

Rapidly respond to changing requirements of your advertising and communications.  Reduce your printing costs by cutting down on printed banners, large format posters and billboards.